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DELTA-TRADING GmbH Metallhandel


Our stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloy products are very versatile; even when they become so-called special-offer items in rare cases.

Delta-Trading GmbH Metallhandel is very careful with the already produced products. Only in the case, when no further use is possible for qualitative reasons, we resort to scrapping of produced materials. We consider the offer of special items as our contribution to the conservation of resources of our planet and to the sustainability of our products and our business.

The special-offer items are different positions, which due to production, delivery and storage circumstances can no longer be delivered to their intended customers:

Leftovers of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel.

Remnants of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel

Overrolled material made of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel

Declassified material in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel.

Our special-offer items in all materials can have the quantity from a few kilos to several hundred kilos. They are always well stored and sorted, precisely specified and usually accompanied by an inspection test certificate. The exact list of special-offer items can be found on our website and is regularly updated by us.

The delivery of leftover quantities, remnants, over-rolled and declassified material is carried out by our company. It is also always possible to pick up the special items from our warehouse.

We ask for your understanding that the price quotations for the special-offer items are possible only on written inquiries via our e-mail info@No~Spamdelta-trading.de.

All special items are subject to prior sale.