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Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles are standardised and appropriated semi-finished products that are used in various industrial sectors. Aluminium profiles typically do not consist of pure aluminium (99.5), but rather are furnished with natural materials, such as manganese, magnesium, silicon or copper. When the pure aluminium, i.e. the base material (99.5), is mixed with other materials, this is called aluminium alloy.

There are different structural profile sizes and profile geometries, as well as connecting elements and functional accessories, and they are primarily used in mechanical engineering and in automation technology for frame substructures, claddings, protection systems, and functional applications.

Due to their minimal weight and ideal malleability during manufacturing, aluminium profiles can be used in a highly customised manner. The vast majority of profiles have longitudinal grooves, into which slot nuts can be inserted or swivelled. 

Aluminium profiles i.e.:

Special profiles 

Drawing profiles



Flat bars