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DELTA-TRADING GmbH Metallhandel


Delta Trading provides high-quality aluminium plates in various designs and dimensions.

The oxide layer, which occurs upon contact with air and water, protects the material from corrosion. 

Disused aluminium plates can be easily recycled. 

Aluminium plates are rolled products and are typically manufactured through a hot rolling process. With hot rolling, an aluminium ingot passes between two rotating steel rollers.  The aluminium is preheated to approx. 500 °C and can then be rolled out thinner and thinner until the desired thickness is achieved.  

Through rolling, aluminium plates can also be furnished with patterns. The result of this is for example tread plates or corrugated sheets. 

soft”. The material subsequently goes to the cold rolling mill where the aluminium strip is then rolled down to the final thickness through one or more thrusts. The strips can also be furnished with a tread or corrugated pattern with special steel rollers.