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Aluminium precision tubes have a low weight, excellent corrosion resistance, and high stability. 

Many different designs can be implemented with aluminium precision tubes. Aluminium tubes offer all the advantages of light metal, such as corrosion resistance, low weight, and high stability. Aluminium precision tubes are very durable and can be recycled without a loss of quality.

Aluminium precision tubes are typically manufactured through the extrusion process.

After extrusion, the aluminium precision tube can be further processed through drawing in order to obtain the desired dimensions. 

Aluminium high-precision tubes have the tightest tolerances with the smallest wall thickness, which are produced in different and special alloys.

Aluminium precision profiles can be used very well particularly in application areas of pneumatics and linear technology. Aluminium precision profiles are used universally where functionality and precision are of great importance.

Application i.e.:


Medical technologie


Mechanical engineering