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General Information

Aluminium is a chemical element with the abbreviation Al, which is found in the earth’s crust more frequently than any other metals. As a material, aluminium offers many benefits, as it has a high strength, easy handling, and a long life as well as several processing options. Aluminium has a minimal relative density of 2.71 and is therefore a light metal. It has properties similar to those of steel, but weighs less than a third with the same volume. Due to its beneficial properties, today aluminium is one of the most frequently used metals. 


Strong and light

Aluminium is light and equally strong and is therefore excellently suited not only for aerospace or the automobile industry, but also for the construction industry because, for example, a low weight is beneficial for installation.

Very good conductivity

Aluminium is energy-efficient because it possesses an electrical and thermal conductivity twice that of copper. 

Easy formability

Because aluminium has a low melting point, it is malleable. Aluminium is easy to process in both a cold and a hot state. This enables flexibility in design and offers excellent solutions for many sectors.

Corrosion-resistant and durable

Aluminium autonomously forms an oxide layer, which makes the metal resistant to the effects of weather, salt water, and chemical influences. Thus, it protects itself from corrosion.


In itself, aluminium can only burn as a very thin film and melts at 660 °C without releasing gas. This increases the fire protection in structures, buildings or means of transportation. 

Easily recyclable

Aluminium is environmentally-friendly because it can be reused and for recycling a very minimal amount of energy (3%) is required for remelting. According to international statistics, approx. 75% of all aluminium worldwide is still not in use.